Personal Security Services:


Private Security Forces:

JBI  security teams are compiled of highly skilled US Military veterans, current and former local and federal law enforcement officers as well as individuals with high morals and integrity.


JBI Securities can provide armed or unarmed  professional security services for your:



We will carefully evaluate access to your premises to limit criminal and workplace violence threats to your employees and visitors. We will examine all entrance and egress positions to your facility to ensure all assets are in place to monitor the safety and activities of employees, visitors, sub-contractors, and delivery personnel.



  • Office Buildings                                                                                                         Other Services include but not limited to:
  • Industrial Complex                                                                                                     - Executive Protection
  •  Warehouses                                                                                                              - High Value Personal or Cargo Escort
  •  Vacant Buildings                                                                                                       - Security Consulting
  • Medical Institutions                                                                                                    - Concierge Officers
  •  Executive Protection                                                                                                 - CPL Certifications
  • Process Servers
  • Dealerships                                                                                                            
  • Shipping Docks
  • Construction Sites
  • Residentual Communities
  • Loss Prevention
  • Banks and Investment Firms
  • Retail Shopping Centers and Malls
  • Parking Lot and Garages
  • Educational Institutions