BELGRADE, SERBIA - CIRCA OCTOBER 2014: Security officers protects car with VIP person, circa October 2014 in Belgrade



JBI employs the finest professionals for each security detail. They are hand picked to suit the needs of each client. From armed to unarmed, plain clothes to uniformed, we have highly skilled and trained professionals to secure your interests. Our Executive Protection Agents also serve as our High Risk High Value team. 

cpl certifications & defense training


At JBI, we have NRA certified instructors for our Concealed Pistol License courses. Our classes can be tailored to specific experience ranging from beginner to advanced. In addition, Rifle and shotgun tactical and home defense classes are available. In the Rifle and the shotgun classes, we will be teaching the basic componants of your rifle and shotgun. How to disassemble, clean and reassemble as well as Tactical movements, shooting and home defense with the shotgun. For hand to hand self defense, we will be offering classes given by our an expert mix martial arts instructor.                                                                                                                   

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bail and fugitive enforcement


We offer a highly skilled team of agents trained in fugitive recovery. Our agents are dedicated and determined to track and recover the defendants that have skipped on their bail. Our agents bring prior military and law enforcement  experience in addition to the continuous training need for the fugitive recovery mission We cover the entire state of Michigan and will travel across state lines if needed. We are a member of the National Agency of Bail Agents.



FOR ANY SECURITY or fugitive recovery needs, contact jbi today.